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# TAE YOUNG Main products
1) 2-Component urethane adhesives
2) Urethane foam system for injection insulation
3) Urethanespray system for insulation

# Catalogue

a company supplying the variety of polyurethane product

Our company supplies polyurethane systemsthrough constant research and development to satisfy consumers demands. We consider trust and promises with customers important.

The polyurethane system produced by our company has various advantages, such as excellent thermal insulation, self-adhesive properties, lightweight, gap-filling properties, and convenience, and diversity, incomparison with other insulators. Therefore, it is widely used as an insulator for two-component adhesives of prefabricated sandwich panels, glass bers, one-component adhesives of honeycombs, electric refrigerators, refrigerated containers, insulators for structures, tank insulation, insulated double pipes, cold storages, etc.

Furthermore, the polyurethane system is used for waterproong and anti-corrosionof parking lots of various structures, factories, floor coating of storages, swimming pools, wastewater disposal facilities, urethane sprayfoam insulation protection coating, and pipes and tanks vulnerable tocorrosion by chemical productsand chemicals. It can be applied regardless of evenness of a surface to be coated. It has excellent physicalproperties such as chemically resistance, wear resistance and durability as it is resistant to chemical qualities and chemicals. It also has superior adhesive strength fordiverse surfaces to be coated.

Información general

Año de Fundación 2009
Co.Registration No ¿Desea acceder a estos datos?
Tipo de empresa Oficina central
Fax +82 43 836 5008
Web http://www.oktaeyoung.com


Área : Asia-Pacífico
País : Vietnam


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    ISO 9001

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