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# Company Introduction
Opto Marine Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures light source module for industrial network and IoT based on the optical packaging & RF technology and is doing business for optical sensor field for shipbuildingand marine. We have established a Technical research institute to produce more reliable optical module and have been endeavoring to developexcellent technology. Through various inspections on product performance and safety, It has been certified by ISO, TUV, RoHS and proved itstechnology and safety internationally. Opto marine will strive to lead the world market with our technology and product.

Opto Marine's industrial module is mainly composed of optical module for multi-mode fiber of 850nm and optical module for plastic optical fiber of 650nm. Industrial fiber optic modules are main parts to convert electric signal to optical signal and transmit and receive the data. Opto Marinehas various module type according to the each wavelength and connection type and possible to utilize to the customized application directly. And the fiber optic modules are excellent transmission to high data rates at low power consumption. Also the module is specialized to multimode fiber and plastic optical fiber of 850nm and 650nm wavelength. It is housed plastic package made of high strength, heat resistant, chemically resistant, flame retardant plastic so it is cost effective andhigh performance.

# Main Product
1. 650nm fiber optictransmitter and receiver
2. 850nm fiber optic transmitter and receiver
3. HDMI/DVI optical extender

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Año de Fundación 2011
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