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eco-friendly Colorwood chips / mixed organic fertilizers

122, Byeongnyu-gil, Geumcheon-myeon, Naju-si
Jeollanam-do 58216
Corea del Sur

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Colorwood chips, mixed organic fertilizers (calad chips), Carla, mulching, eco-friendly colored chip, wood chip, gardening, landscape products 

# Company Introduction:
We are a company in Naju, Jeollanam-do, which develops eco-friendly products such as colorwood chip and color-dried material that can solve problems of environmental pollution and supplies them to general shopping malls and individual consumers. 

# Main Product 
- Taste (Colorwood Chip) · 100% clean wood is a colorwood chip manufactured by machining and coloring. It is used in places where gardening and landscaping can be applied to interior and exterior decorating effects · As a safety-friendly shock relief, it is excellent for use as a flooring material, such as a walkway. 
- Shedrine (mixed organic fertilizer) · This product is an organic fertilizer colorwood chip for landscaping that protects trees and other landscaping plants from the early stage and can create beautiful landscaping. · Woodchip munchies have excellent effect on soil moisture maintenance, earth temperature control, soil erosion, weed control, soil infection prevention and soil pollution prevention by covering soil with wood chip. 

# Strength : fine dust deterrent effect 

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Año de Fundación 2010
Co.Registration No 412-81-38601
Capital 175.901 USD
Tipo de empresa Oficina central
Fax +82 61 333 7473


  • organic fertilizer(saekdrin/kkokgrin)  (Productor / Exportador)

  • colorwood chips(Ttaekkalgoeun/Green Garden)  (Productor / Exportador)


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