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Automation Design.Engineering:- Technical and functional design of DCS and PLC (basic & detailed design);- Design of hardware and software applications;- Design and implementation of interface functions between client systems and systems of other suppliers;- Implementation of revisions changes and as-built.FAT / SAT:- FAT / SAT kick off meeting;- FAT / SAT testing and documentation for testing results;- Support for customer and process equipment suppliers during the testing phase;- Implementation of required changes following the outcome of FAT / SAT.Commissioning:- System installation and technical assistance on site during commissioning;- Attending in cold tests and water test runs;- Implementation of necessary changes in applications (SW&HW);- Updating of project documentation including system drawings.Project Documentation:- Complete 'as-built' documentation for PLC, DCS applications and for existing equipment.Handover the installation to end-customer:Handover the installation to end-customer with its related project documentation, plus the internal testing protocol of the automation installation.Revamping:- Retrofit;- Revamping is one of the strength points of CONTROL POINT. Beside the steps described in the section above, "Automation Design", CONTROL POINT has the experience and the know-how to transform an old or unproductive installation into a state-of-the-art installation in a very short time without long time interruption of production; this interruption will then be compensated by increasing efficiency due to the new equipment and applications that run on them.Service and maintenance.Maintenance:Any customer wants no interruption of production due to the disruption in process. When it comes to disruptions that are caused by the control equipment, CONTROL POINT's commitment is that this time to be as short as possible, through a quick response, by providing and implementing the best solutions to restore the production to a better state than it was before.Assembly and installation of electrical cabinets.Procurement:Contact and purchase of materials required by design from different suppliers.Mechanical assembly:Mechanical assembly of all mechanical components according to design.Electrical installation:Realization of internal electrical interconnections.Configuration:Individual and general software configuration of the system.Testing:- Internal testing, checking compatibility according to European standards, CE marking and issuing of the Certificate of Conformity;- Preparing the system for FAT (Factory Acceptance Test of equipment);- Support during FAT for the project contractor and the final customer.Logistics:Preparation of cabinets and other project equipment to be delivered to the address given by the customer (ex. on site for installation and commissioning).Design and moding of electrical systems.Design:- Designing or modernizing of electrical system with voltages under 1 kV using both technical solutions as well as modern software;- The designing is made with the Eplan software.Retrofitting:- Revamping of electrical systems;- Conversion of electrical schematics from graphic format to Eplan , with the purpose of automatic report generation for cables, connections, part necessities, and 3D design of the cabinets.Standardization: Possibility of mass generation of identical or similar schematics having the purpose of a project wide standard.

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Área : Europa Occidental


Área : Europa Occidental
País : Austria, Francia, Alemania, Gran Bretaña


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    ISO 9001:2008

  • Tipo :

    ISO 14001: 2005

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    Consejero Delegado (Director General)

  • D-na. A. B.

    Ejecutivo adjunto (Asistent Manager)


Actividad secundaria

  • Productor
  • Distribuidor
  • Proveedor de servicios

Otras clasificaciones

NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Other information technology and computer service activities (6209)
Other information technology and computer service activities (6209)

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