Esquim, S.A.

Industria, 15-Pol. Ind. SUD
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Esquim, S.A. – Fundada en el año 1983, la empresa  Esquim, S.A. se dedica a la producción, fabricación y comercialización de productos químicos a base de silicona y aditivos para los mercados de la industria.

Con un equipo humano cualificado y una gran experiencia en el sector,   Esquim, S.A. se ha consolidado como una empresa a la vanguardia de la innovación en el sector.

Esquim, S.A. se ha especializado en la concepción de productos de alta calidad y a medida, adaptándose a las exigencias de los clientes.
  • Productos químicos a base de silicona
  • Cauchos de silicona para moldeo
  • Elastómeros de silicona
  • Antiespumantes de silicona y no silicona
  • Emulsiones de silicona y no silicona
  • Hidrofugantes para construcción
  • Hidrofugantes de silicona
  • Siliconas para cosmética
  • Siliconas para para pinturas
  • Grasas de silicona, desmoldeantes, sellantes
  • Resinas de silicona
  • Aditivos de silicona
  • Aceites de silicona
  • Fluidos de silicona
  • Estabilizantes de PVC
  • Antiespumantes
  • Elastromeros de Silicona
  • Emulsiones
  • Fluidos / Aceites de Silicona
  • Hidrofugantes
  • Grasas / Pastas de Silicona
  • Resinas
  • Estabilizantes PVC
  • Maquilas

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Área : América del Sur, Europa Occidental, Asia-Pacífico, Europa Central-Oriental, Africa

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27 de agosto de 2015

European Coatings SHOW 2015 / Events
European Coatings CONGRESS 2015 Europe's leading Congress on Coatings, Inks, Adhesives, Sealants, Construction Chemicals Thank you very much for your attendance! Europe’s largest and most important general coatings congress was setting out to assemble the global coatings expertise under one roof! Innovative companies as well as academic/governmental research institutes have been invited and strongly encouraged to submit abstracts detailing high-level technical contributions to this event, presenting their latest research results that highlight advancements in coatings, printing inks, adhesives or construction chemicals.
The European CONGRESS attracted nearly 700 delegates from 42 countries to listen to 144 top-notch presentations from globally renowned coatings experts. By reaching these figures the congress underline its position as the leading coatings exhibition and congress worldwide. The presentations at the congress showed the diverse modern coatings solutions have to offer: functional, safe, eco-friendly, biobased and sustainable.

The next European Coatings CONGRESS will taking place from 03 - 04 April 2017.
CONGRESS proceedings You like to order the proceedings CD of most of the given presentations? Please download the order form and send it back to Proceedings order form.pdf 77 kB
We are looking forward to meeting you next time!

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